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  • Highlights
  • GAN version 2.0 is released
  • Statistics
  •  Datasets: 86
     Species: 6
     MicroArray Experiments:
       - H.Sapiens : 243
       - R.Norvegicus : 456
       - M.Musculus : 492
       - D.Melanogaster : 18
       - C.Elegans : 66
       - S.Cerevisae : 8
               Total : 1283


Gene Aging Nexus (GAN) is a data mining platform for the biogerontological-geriatric research community. It enables users to analyze, query, and visualize the aging-related genomic data. Our goal is to facilitate the digestion and usage of the public genomic data. A current focus is on integrative analysis of microarray gene expression data. We are establishing a central database for aging microarray data of six species: human (H. sapiens), rat (R. norvegicus), mouse (M. musculus), "fly" (D. melanogaster), "worm" (C. elegans), and yeast (S. cerevisiae). GAN is equipped with a set of bioinformatics tools for analysis of the microarray data sets, cross-platform and cross-species. Your session will expire after 30 mins of inactivity, if you are not logged in your work will be lost. You can LOGIN to get member access so that you can use the full functionalities of GAN.